Hydrophilic Waterstop

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This is a thermoplastic strip-applied, hydrophilic swellable construction cold joint waterstop. The profile has a bond-enhancing grooved surface and unique swelling properties.


It is used for the planned sealing of construction cold joints. On contact with water, the swelling pressure increases slowly and thus ensures a tight seal of construction joints and cracks. It retains its shape during the swelling process. The maximum swelling capacity is limited to 300% of the initial mass, with an optimum cross section of 22 x 6 mm ensuring that there is no danger of concrete spalling due to excessive pressure. The unique compound compositions allows for temporary exposure to water without any swelling to occur. It is used to seal construction joints in in-situ-concrete against

  • Soil humidity
  • Water without hydro-static pressure
  • Water with hydro-static pressure up to 2 bars (tested up to 100 m pressure
  • head)

Areas of application are varied and include: wall/base connection joints, pipe penetrations, sealing of recesses, and anywhere where new and old concrete is joined. We recommend installing expanding waterstop using the special adhesive. Optional installation with powder actuated fasteners is possible, but the use of a grid-rail is not necessary. Splices are formed as butt-joints or simply overlapped. The substrate must be clean, free of any bond inhibiting debris such as dust, grease and ponding water. Do not install over voids.


  • Dimensions: 22 x 6 mm
  • Weight: approx. 120 g/m
  • Tensile strength: (ASTM D412) 3 MPs (435 psi)
  • Elongation %: (ASTM D412) 750
  • Hardness Shore A: (ASTM D2240) 45 ± 5
  • Tear Resistance: (DIN 53507) 8 N/mm
  • Specific Gravity: (ASTM D792) 1.20 ± 0.3
  • Packaging: 9 rolls 15 m per box


  • Swelling begins after 3 days reaching min. 200% at 15 days.
  • Reversible expansion behavior (returns to initial mass after drying).
  • Expanding waterstop is resistant to a great variety of different chemicals. (An excerpt of these chemicals is given in the attached chart)
  • Expanding waterstop is physiologically harmless and environmentally friendly.


Minimum 36 months from manufacturing date, when stored in undamaged, unopened, original, sealed packaging, in cool and dry conditions at temperatures of +5°C to 25°C protect from UV radiation.


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