Wincrete CL700 Antifreez and set accelerator for mortar

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Wincrete CL700 is a high performance set accelerator for mortar. It is a liquid admixture whose dosage can be varied to the desired setting and hardening times. Due to improved dispersion of the cement particles the process of hydration proceeds under the optimum conditions, leading to improved strength characteristics with or without reduction in free water.

Standard: ISIRI 2930, ASTM C494-type C


  • Suitable for making mortar in cold and frosty weather
  • For all structure without armature


  • In the form of a liquid that mixes better with concrete
  • Compatible with all types of portland cement
  • Accelerate the initial setting time
  • Increase durability and consistency of mortar
  • Increase efficiency



Wincrete CL700 is supplied in 220 kg drums and in 20 kg containers.



  • Form: liquid
  • Density: Approximately 1/2 kg/l
  • PH: 5/5
  • Color: light green


Wincrete CL700 must be stored at minimum +5°C and maximum +30°C. It has to be kept in closed containers. Wincrete CL700 must not be stored in normal steel containers as the pH   can cause corrosion that might affect the performance of the product.


The dosage of Wincrete CL700 depends on the temperature of concrete, air, substrate and reactivity of the cement being used. Depending on the required setting time and early strength requirements dosage of Wincrete CL700 will normally be in the range of 1-5% of cement weight.


Wincrete CL700 can be sensitive to the type of cement. With some cements the setting characteristics can be too slow. We recommend the use of Portland cements which normally give faster setting than blended or sulphate resistant cement types. However, Wincrete CL700 works well with composite cement types (blended cements, fly-ash/slag). In all cases, it is strongly recommended to do preliminary tests to check the setting and the 24 hours strength of the cements planned for use in a project.

Don’t use this product in cases where there is steel in concrete or In the case of concrete curing with vapor.


Wincrete CL700 contains no hazardous substances requiring labelling. However the same precautions as with handling and use of cementitious products should be observed.

Avoid eye and skin contact and wear rubber gloves and goggles. If contact occurs, rinse with plenty of water. In case of eye contact seek medical advice. For further information, refer to the Material Safety Datasheet or contact your local RBB Company.


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