Sprayshot 450 Alkali powder accelerator for dry- mix shotcrete

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Sprayshot 450 is a high performance alkali, non-caustic and non-toxic accelerator for the use in dry- mix shotcreting processes. It is a powder additive whose dosage can be varied to the desired setting and hardening times.


Sparayshot 450 is suitable for all applications where high early strength, high final strength and large thickness are required:

  • For temporary and permanent rock support
  • For final lining (one pass lining)
  • For repair works
  • In tunnels
  • In mining


The quick setting properties allow:

  • overhead layer thicknesses of 35 cm in a single application (as with aluminate based accelerators)
  • rapid work progress

The unique formula:

  • provides good early strength development
  • limits the decrease of final strength
  • improves durability as compared to mixes with traditional accelerators

The non-caustic and non-toxic nature of the product:

  • prevents skin burns and provides an improved working environment
  • reduces required handling precautions and hence improves economy
  • reduces salt content in leaching water


Sparayshot 450 is available in 20 kg bags.


  • Form: Powder
  • PH>11
  • Color: White
  • Chloride: according to standard
  • Shelf life: 1 year in conditions protected against freezing
  • Storage temperature: 10-30 0C


Store in dry conditions. In their existing and undamaged packing Sprayshot 450 has a shelf life of 12 months.


The dosage of Sprayshot 450 depends on the temperature of concrete, air, substrate and reactivity of the cement being used. Depending on the required setting time and early strength requirements dosage of Sprayshot 450 will normally be in the range of 2-7% of cement weight. Over dosing, in excess of 10% will lead to lower final strengths.


Preparation of the substrate:

The substrate must be clean and free from loose particles and only lightly sprinkled.

Sensitivity to cement:

Age: It is recommended to only use fresh cement since the age of the cement can have a negative influence on the setting characteristics of the mix.


Sprayshot 450 is added to the mix immediately prior to use.


Unlike traditional powder shotcrete accelerators, Sprayshot 450 does not harm the skin. The risk for any health hazard is therefore significantly reduced. Sprayshot 450 contains no hazardous substances.



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