Rebar Spacer

تماس بگیرید


Concrete spacers are dimensionally accurate and have high quality and outstanding chemical and physical resistance. The good bond with the structural concrete prevent the formation of hairline cracks. Concrete spacers fulfill the requirements of all exposure classes. Concrete spacers help maintain material integrity and uniformity of the concrete, and provide a cover over the reinforcement that protects against corrosion.



  • All construction sites
  • Tunneling
  • Drinking water installations
  • For horizontal and vertical structural elements


  • High compressive strength, no deformation in heat or cold, concrete cover accurately maintained.
  • Spacers remain in position during formwork erection and concreting.
  • Ideal for impermeable concrete, no hairline cracks between the spacer and the concrete.
  • Highly impermeable against water and chloride
  • High resistance to heat and fire in accordance with the highest level of requirements in EN135001-1:2002 class1
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Capable of producing in a variety of shapes and sizes in short time


Storage Duration: 10 years

Storage conditions: away from moisture and rain and exposure to sunlight

Best Storage temperature: 0 to + 30 ° C


This product is not flammable.

For installation and use, use gloves.


The selection of spacer types and properties depends upon the structural element and application, always refer to local concrete standards for advice. always refer to local concrete standards for advice.



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