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RB-CUR 9 is a water-based curing compound which when applied to new concrete substrates after the final finishing operations are completed to form a film that retains mix water allowing normal hydration. This film remains as a protective surface sealing treatment that greatly reduces dusting and increases stain resistance of the cured concrete.

RB-CUR 9 meets the requirements of the following standards:

ASTM C309 type 1 class A

AASHTO M148 type 1 class A


  • For application on vertical, horizontal, smooth or textured, concrete substrates
  • Concreting in windy areas
  • Concreting in areas where concrete is exposed to intense sunlight
  • Suitable for curing and sealing plain concrete and concrete surfaces treated with non- metallic, dry shake floor hardeners and topping courses
  • Suitable for interior or exterior concrete floors, pavements, sidewalks and structures
  • Applications where solvent-based products cannot be used because of health and safety reasons
  • Applications to existing concrete surfaces as economical, water clear, protective sealing treatments


  • Forming a durable film
  • Reduces early evaporation
  • Aids concrete to attain maximum hydration, strength, durability and surface hardness


  • Shrinkage with associated hairline cracking and crazing greatly reduced in vertical and horizontal applications
  • Reduces permeability
  • Excellent moisture retention produces a durable concrete surface through optimum curing
  • Increases stain resistance and clean ability by sealing the surface pores
  • Extremely economical and easily applied
  • water-based


RB-CUR 9 is available in 220 kg drums and 20 kg gallons.


Physical state: Liquid


  • Application should be made immediately following the final finishing operations as soon as the surface “sheen” of moisture has disappeared and slab can support the weight of an applicator. In case of delay, thoroughly dampen the surface with clean water then applying RB-CUR 9.
  • Ensure that there is no free water on the surface before applying
  • In case of hot weather and Mat concreting, the required thickness is achieved by applying 2 layers. Leave the first layer for 30-60 minutes before applying the second layer
  • Apply by spray, brush, long nap roller, or lamb’s wool applicator. For best results, we recommend a low-pressure garden-type sprayer with neoprene hoses. Apply uniformly to form a continuous film.
  • Apply RB-CUR 9 at a rate of 1 lit. Per 3.5-5.5 m2
  • Avoid any ponding on the concrete surface


  • Prior to drying; equipment can be cleaned with soap and water
  • After applying, Protects surfaces from freezing


Shelf life: 6 month in the original package

Storage condition: should be protected from direct sunlight and frost. Keep container in the temperature range between +10°C and +30°C.


It should not be swallowed and contacted with skin and eyes. Rubber gloves, boots and goggles should be used during application. Accidental splashes on the skin should be washed with soap and water and any contaminated clothing removed. Contact with eyes should be avoided and if any accidental contamination does occur they should be washed with copious amounts of water and medical attention sought. RB-CUR 9 is not flammable.


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