Intectin Plus Injection resin

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Product Properties

  • Solvent-free, low viscosity, polyurethane-based elastomeric resin
  • Long pot life
  • In contact with water accelerated reaction under limited increase in volume
  • Elastic and flexible sealing in accordance with ZTV-ING repair standards
  • Fulfills UBA – guideline (German Federal Environment Agency) for repair systems in contact with potable water – KTW requirements of test group D2 (small area sealing)


  • Permanent watertight elastic and flexible sealing and filling of cracks, joints and voids in building construction, housing and civil engineering, etc. under dry, damp and high hydrostatic pressure conditions
  • Subsequent sealing as a horizontal barrier and, when necessary, vertical barrier against rising damp in masonry
  • Long term water-contact (crack), periodical inhalation, application



Before injection of any cracks, all voids and leaks have to be inspected, and subsequently an injection procedure proposal is to be prepared in accordance with the current technical standards and regulations.


Intectin Plus consists of two components, component A (base) and component B (Hardener). Both components are mixed in a suitable mixing vessel at the prescribed mixing ratios below. Thoroughly mix components slowly (at max. 250 rpm) for at least two minutes until homogenous.

After mixing the material should be filled into a clean container and briefly mixed again (re-potting). The re-potting is complete when the resin is filled into the storage container of an injection pump, and there shortly remixed.

The actual pot life depends upon the prepared quantity and the ambient temperatures.

Acceleration of reactivity:

The reaction time of the resin can be accelerated via Intectin Accelerator (addition of up to 10% relating to the mixture’s total weight).


Intectin Plus can be applied with hand pump Article No. IHPRESS or electrical injection pump. Under pressurized water flows, a pre- injection using Intectin Blitz resin is recommended in order to prevent the polyurethane resin Intectin Plus from being washed out during hardening. Please refer to the “Intectin Blitz” technical data sheet. For the injection, the use of injection packers is recommended.

Work must be stopped if substrate and/or ambient temperature drops below +6°C. During the entire curing time a temperature of ≥ +6°C must be observed.

Machine Cleaning:

Within the pot life, all equipment must be cleaned with Intectin Special Cleaner. Partially and completely cured material can only remove mechanically.


Characteristic Unit Value* Comments
Mixing ratio p.b.w. , p.b.v. 100 : 42, 3 : 1 component A : component B

component A : component B

Density kg/dm³ 1.05 DIN 53 479
Max. expansion % 100 DIN 53 455
Expansion ratio with water 1.3 DIN EN 14406
Shore- A-hardness 50 ISO 868
Application time minutes 100 DIN EN 1504-5
Application temperature °C + 6 to + 35

+ 6 to + 30

air and structure temperature

material temperature


Product Characteristics for Intectin Plus

Color light-brown
Cleaning agent Water or water-based cleaning agents must not be used under any circumstances.
Storage Can be stored in original sealed packages by temperature between +5°C and +25°C in dry conditions for at least 1 year. The same requirements are valid for transport.
Delivery Box of 6 x 1 liter pack
Diposal Packs must be emptied completely.


Chemical Resistance Intectin Plus:

Medium 72 h 4 weeks Medium 72h 4 weeks
Formic 20% + + Sodium chloride solution 20% + +
Ammonia 25% + + Sodium chloride solution saturated + +
Calcium chloride solution 20% + + Caustic soda 20% + +
Citric acid 5% + + Caustic soda 45% + +
Citric acid 50% + + Nonylphenol
Diesel + + Oxalic Acid 5% + +
Jet fuel A1 + + Oxalic Acid10% + +
Ferrous sulphate 10% + + Phosphoric 50% + +
Acetic acid 96% Test mixture 4a
Acetic acid 10% + + Test mixture A 20 + +
Ethyl acetate Nitric acid 10% + +
Ethylene glycol + + Hydrochloric acid 10% + +
FAM-Fuel(DIN 51604 A) Sulfuric acid 20% + +
FAM-Fuel(DIN 51604 B) Sulfuric acid 96% +
Hydrofluoric acid 20% + 0 Styrene
Formaldehyde 40% + + Tartaric acid 10% + +
Potassium hydroxide 44% + + n-Butyl acetate
Saturated potassium

nitrate solution

+ + Methanol 48%
Methyl glycol Propanol 48%
Motor oil + + H2O 4%
N-Methyl-2-pyrrolidon Toulon 60%
Ammonium sulfate + Xylol 30%


+: resistant                    0: partially resistant           -: not resistant




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