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INTECTIN-BLITZ is a foaming polyurethane resin curing on contact with moisture (also humidity). The second component is the water contained in the crack. The reaction velocity can be controlled by adding INTECTIN accelerator (max 20 %).

INTECTIN-BLITZ Container: buckets of 4.5 kg capacity or tins of 0.9 kg capacity

Accelerator Container: plastic bottles of 0.5 kg capacity or plastic bottles of 0.1 kg capacity


  • Density (20° C)

INTECTIN-BLITZ: approx. 1.12 g/ml

Accelerator: approx. 1.03 g/ml

  • Viscosity when delivered

INTECTIN-BLITZ: approx. 250 s/4 mm DIN

Accelerator: approx. 50 s/4 mm DIN cup

  • Shelf life: 12 months in original closed container
  • Pot life: Formation of skin after 10 min at 15 to 20° C by reacting with the humidity of the atmosphere
  • Cleaning: Equipment can be cleaned with polyurethane cleaner


INTECTIN-BLITZ is used as a sealing system in building construction and civil engineering, injecting it into highly aquiferous cracks. The object of this measure is to stop the flow of water. High and low-pressure injection is possible.


The outstanding feature of INTECTIN-BLITZ is its excellent adhesive-ness even to damp surfaces. On contact with water, INTECTIN-BLITZ quickly reacts to become a flexible, duroplastic integral skin foam. Due to this property, INTECTIN-BLITZ is capable of sealing water penetrations in building construction and civil engineering, and of displacing water in aquiferous cracks and voids and then sealing them. Its highly efficient water-displacing action results in excellent flank adhesion and sealing properties at the same time. For durable sealing, we recommend to repeat the injection with INTECTIN two-component resin after the water has stopped flowing.


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