BITUMER W800 High solids protective coating based on emulsified bitumen

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BITUMER W800 is a water based bitumen emulsion.  It is dark brown in color and dries to a black flexible protective coating.  The finished film is tough and waterproof and forms a barrier to water and vapor transmission.


  • General waterproofing and damp proofing of concrete, asbestos cement, roofing felt, slate tiles, wood, etc.
  • Metal protection: provides protection for structural steelwork, pipes, etc.
  • Insulation: provides a vapor barrier for cold storage rooms, etc.
  • Protection to a variety of buried structures such as concrete foundations and retaining walls.


  • Chemical resistance
  • Versatile
  • Economical
  • Easy to apply
  • Cold applied


Specific gravity: 1.01 to 1.03 at 25°C

Color: dark brown

Application temperature: 5°C to 50°C

Chemical resistance: Excellent to water, dilute acids, alkalis, chloride and sulfate ions

Thermal resistance: 100 0C

Flexibility: up to -5 0C

Flammability: non flammable

Curing time: 24 hrs. at 25 0C


Surface preparation:

Ensure surface to be treated is sound and free of all oil, grease or conventional curing compounds. If the surface is dusty it should be primed with a coat of bitumer w800 diluted with an equal quantity of clean water and allowed to dry, before applying further coats of bitumer w800. It can be applied to damp surfaces, although both coating and surface must be allowed to dry before the bitumer w800 will cure to form a waterproof film.



Concrete coated with bitumer w800 will prevent the absorption of saline solutions.  On uncoated surfaces, salts in groundwater will penetrate and can cause reinforcement corrosion and concrete deterioration.



Agitate before use.  As settlement can occur, the drum should be rolled before decanting material. Apply by brush, broom or squeegee.  Apply one or two coats, depending on the degree of protection required.  Apply subsequent coats at right angles to the first, allowing 12 to 24 hours between coats.  Where being utilized to damp proof solid floors or where a screed is to be applied over RB-BP, apply a second coat at right angles and lightly grit to form a key.  Allow at least 24 hours before application of concrete screed, ensuring this is greater than 50 mm in thickness.


1 kg per 1-3 m2


Store under cover, out of direct sunlight and protect from extremes of temperature.  In tropical climates the product must be stored in an air-conditioned environment.  As with all bituminous material, some settlement will occur with prolonged storage.  It is, therefore, necessary to invert the drums monthly to disperse the settlement. Shelf life is up to 6 months in unopened containers, when stored as above. Failure to comply with the recommended storage conditions may result in premature deterioration of the product or packaging.


As with all chemical products, care should be taken during use and storage to avoid contact with eyes, mouth, skin and foodstuffs.  Treat splashes to eyes and skin immediately.  If accidentally ingested, seek medical attention.  Reseal containers after use.  Use in well ventilated areas and avoid inhalation.  For further information, refer to the material safety data sheet.


10 kg pail


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